Clearlake Seventh-day Adventist Church

14490 Uhl Ave
Clearlake, CA, 95422

You can find out a lot about what is happening in our church by checking out the pages on our website. Come back every day to enjoy our daily devotional and see what is new on our calendarThis week's bulletin is available by clicking here

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Want to be involved? There are a lot of opportunities to share your talents as a part of one of the ministries of our church

We invite you to join us for worship on Saturday morning. We have many other activities listed on our calendar which may interest you.

Continues in CLEARLAKE:
"Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus" More Information

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Upcoming Events

Quilt Making Together - Oct 21, Tue 9:00 AM - Instruction will be provided for making lap quilts for St....
Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus - Oct 22, Wed 6:00 PM -           ...
Men's Group - Oct 23, Thu 7:00 PM -  Meets on the Second and fourth Thursdays which are just...
Worship - Oct 25, Sat 10:50 AM
Sermon: T Calkins - Oct 25, Sat 11:00 AM
Pot Luck - Oct 25, Sat 12:35 PM - This special dinner features a vegetarian meal.

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