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All About Jesus-Elder Gary Venden

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All About Jesus-Elder Gary Venden
The All About Jesus Seminar will show you how a personal relationship with Jesus is the sum and substance of the Christian life More than that, it will offer you tangible, practical, plain-English suggestions on how to develop or deepen a meaningful friendship with Jesus.

The Presenter is Pastor Gary Venden, pastor of Glendale Adventist Church, Glendale, AZ.

Friday, February 23: "Can We Be Friends?

Saturday, Feb. 24: "It's Who You Know?"

Saturday, Feb. 24:"Born Twice,"

Saturday, Feb. 24:"Blessed Assurance."

Sunday, Feb. 25: "Recipe for Bread"

Monday, Feb. 26: "The Answer if Prayer"

Tuesday, Feb, 27: "Gotta Tell Somebody

Wednesday, Feb 28: "Dealing with Failue"

Thursday, March 1: "This Is War!"

Friday, March 2: "Comforter and Friend"

Saturday, March 3: "Surviving a Revival Seminar"

Saturday, March 3:"Homecoming"

Saturday, March 3:"Is Jesus Enough?"

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