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Clearlake SDA School History

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Clearlake SDA School History
Wayne Curtis Remembers:

“Oh, the memories of the four years I spent in this school house! The building was moved behind the church from Cache Creek. I guess it is about 10-12 miles from town. There were windows on only the one side. There was a small room in the back of the building with an exit. Outside the door was a tree. When I got into trouble, I recall Mrs. Howland taking me out to that tree and letting me select which branch I would get m hide tanned with.

Off to the right was a baseball field. One day Terry was taking a few practice swings with the baseball bat and Linda was not watching where she was walking and got clobbered in the head. She was out cold for a few minutes, but survived OK.

I notice that on the picture there is a misprint, “Clear Lake HEIGHTLANDS”.  It only took me 53 years to catch that one!  Mrs. Howland’s husband, Elmer, was one of the foremost bird authorities in the area. I recall him taking us to Lower Lake early one morning and showing us a Sand Hill Crane. He also pointed out my first Wood duck.

Mrs. Howland was my teacher for four years. We three Curtis boys came to the Seventh-day Adventist School from Burns Valley school in 1956. Our parents were not Christians at the time, but mom (Mary Sparkman Curtis) had been baptized in the church as a teenager, but had drifted away during the war. Our parents decided to try us at the Adventist school that year. We asked them if we could go to Sabbath School with our schoolmates. They not only said yes, but came with us. There were baptized in the Lakeport church in August 1956 by Pastor Frank Steunenberg. I was 10 years old when we left Clearlake, but the roots have kept me anchored in the Lord ever since.

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